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We offer compassionate hospice care services in Minnetonka and Golden Valley, MN

Giving elderly individuals love and attention during their last days makes them feel more comfortable and accepting of their situation. Hospice care is a special type of patient care that involves looking after patients that are in the last stage of a terminal illness like Alzheimer's, cancer, heart and kidney disease or HIV.

Epiphany Care Homes partners with the best hospice care service providers in Minnetonka and Golden Valley, MN to give the elderly the moral support they need. Our partner services allow terminal stage patients to live more fully and comfortably.

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Make the best of each day

Make the best of each day

Hospice care provides patients with personal attention and tries to minimize illness symptoms as much as possible. The goal is to reduce the strain on terminal patients and allow them to live their last days with dignity, surrounded by family and friends.

Our partners provide hospice care services at patients' homes, assisted living facilities and hospitals.

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